Technical wholesales specialists

Oy ONE-PRO Ab was founded in 2004 by a request from leading manufacturers in security, vehicle and home electronics to import and market their products in Finland.

ONE-PRO specializes in importing electrical equipment and offers a variety of different services related to it. The company’s staff is knowledgeable and offers over 25 years of experience and has also collaborated with car importers, security specialists and different store chains.

ONE-PRO is the market leader in Finland with several different products.

Our clients are some of the biggest wholesalers, retail chains, phone operators, car dealers and service businesses, motorcycle and marine-related businesses, electronics stores, HiFi Audio and spare parts businesses as well as children’s accessory businesses.

We work in a close partnership with insurance companies and security industries. Furthermore, property owners and other businesses in this field are also our partners.

Our office and stock of 1 500 m2 reside in Tikkurila, in the city of Vantaa.

ONE-PRO represents and imports globally acclaimed and respected brands, such as seen on the logo listing below. And also, other top brands. In 2018 we will represent 6-7 new products.

ONE-PRO company presentation 03-2018.pdf



Puutarhatie 20 A
01300 Vantaa



Puh. keskus: (09) 231 500 50

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